Michelin X Tweel Turf for ZTrak 900 Series Zero Turn Mowers

The date October twenty second 2014 might not imply a lot for lots people, however if you are a landscaper who owns one of the ergonomically designed ZTRAK™ 900 0 flip mowers, these days marked a extensive milestone in the industry.

It was the day Michelin Tweel Technologies announced its groundbreaking partnership with John Deere to equip the ZTRAK™ 900 with the Michelin® X® TWEEL® tire.

To a casual observer, this statement made throughout the Green Industry and Equipment Expo (GIE) might appear like an ordinary working courting. However, the Michelin Tweel generation is set to offer an opportunity to the same old 24x24x12 tires with a single unit of the complete wheel.

The new product encompasses an airless radial tire, which is simply bolted on, and you are prepared to start operating to your lawn. With no stress to preserve all through your landscaping initiatives, the benefits are massive making the John Deere-Michelin Tweel Technology partnership extraordinary for the enterprise.

If you’ve got been searching out the excellent tire to your ZTRAK™ 900 workhorse, you’ll concur that maximum of the goods within the market had been now not as much as the task. To admire the creative technology utilized in developing the tire, recollect these functions:

• Great lateral stiffness and sturdiness: Provided via zero diploma and high tensile steel belts which also face up to any damages, specifically on effect and penetrations.

• Easy protection: Michelin X Tweel Turf has deep open tread modern layout for smooth cleaning and traction while working on slippery turfs.

• Reduced leap and cargo capacity: The specific high energy poly-resin spokes control to carry the load at the same time as on the equal time damping your trip via energy transfer to reduce jump commonplace with normal tires.