Colloidal Gold – A Remedy For Body, Mind And Spirit

The society we live in has emphasized the importance of the body to the maximum, at the expense of the care for the mind and the spirit. Even present-day medicine tackles with the problems of the mind and the body as distinct and even unrelated issues, as modern science seems to have lost the image of a complete human being that is more than physical manifestation. Within alternative medicine, homeopathy is one branch that tries to address the health condition holistically by the help of very complex compounds such as colloidal gold. This is by far not a new remedy, since ancient medicine and philosophy dealt with the human problems along the three coordinates: body, mind and spirit.

Colloidal gold has always been a cure for both the seen and the unseen dimensions, and the belief in the efficiency of the treatment goes as far back as five thousand years ago. The father of pharmacology, Paracelsus created one of the first gold solutions that would deserve the name of colloidal gold. His purple elixir was meant to cure physical, mental and spiritual problems by the cleansing of all impurities and negative energies. From the alchemist perspective, gold represented the perfect element and under suspension form it could help the system recover balance between the subtle structures.

Unstable mental conditions combined with depressive moods and suicidal tendencies were among the most serious conditions colloidal gold could address. It is not uncommon to follow a similar homeopathic treatment to be rid of anguish, fear, frustration, sorrow and so on. Recent studies indicate that colloidal gold improves brain activities related to memory and acuity; an experiment run on a group people who were administered colloidal gold for five days showed increased mental concentration levels as compared to another group who were given a Placebo solution.

In the USA, colloidal gold is used to cure all forms of addictions as one of its main benefits is that it increases will power allowing people to face their dependencies more easily. Furthermore, one-month administration of gold supplements triggered a 20% increase of the IQ. As for the spiritual side of colloidal gold treatment, we should mention the fact that gold was used in ancient cultures to enter very deep meditation states where one could achieve superior self-consciousness and spiritual elevation. Administered in small quantities daily, colloidal gold reduces stress, induces a state of relaxation and boosts up your mood when necessary.